Monday, June 11, 2018

The Stone Girl's Story

The Stone Girl's Story
by Sarah Beth Durst
Clarion Books, 2018

Mayka's father was a stone mason. He brought her to life by carving her story onto her body. She and the other living stone creatures her father created live happily together in seclusion on the mountain. But Mayka's flesh-and-blood father has long been gone, and as the reader sees in the opening scenes of the book with Mayka and her dear friend Turtle, as the marks on their bodies fade, the creatures...stop. So Mayka leaves her mountain in search of a stonemason who will return with her and repair the marks on all of her friends. When she gets to the city, she discovers an evil plot that endangers all stone creatures.

I love fantasy, but only if the author can build a world that is absolutely believable. Sarah Beth Durst has done that in The Stone Girl's Story.

This is fantasy at its best: a hero's journey to save family and friends. An Oz-like journey with fellow travelers who are also looking for help. A story with big themes:
  • the quest to be accepted for who you are is a worthy one
  • don't judge others based on their appearance or your assumptions
  • absolute power is dangerous
  • pay attention to who is telling the stories
  • know your own story and tell it proudly
  • choice is important...necessary...vital to your story
  • you have the power to shape your own story
  • an obedience mark is dangerous
  • the right words can give you freedom
  • you can learn to be brave
  • together we can rise up against evil and overpower it
  • even a monster's story can be rewritten to be AWESOME

Move this book to the top of your TBR pile. I hope you love it as much as I do. It might just be one of my first read alouds of the year next year!


  1. I will! This sounds great. I just finished reading The Mad Wolf's Daughter, which you might enjoy too--the themes are similar--it's set in medieval Scotland.

  2. Sold! Thank you for the rec, Mary Lee. xo


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