Thursday, May 20, 2021

#PoetryFriday #PoemsforMaryLee #MarvelousMaryLee

Join us in celebrating Mary Lee's Retirement! 
It's a Poetry Friday Takeover in Honor of #MarvelousMaryLee
Join in the fun with #PoemsForMaryLee!!
We love you Mary Lee!

I retired from Dublin City Schools last May and for the 33 years I was a teacher there, Mary Lee was too!  I can’t remember the exact moment we met but I know that it had to be some literacy committee or district book club that brought us together for the first time.  Over the years we never taught in the same building but we taught and grew and wrote and learned together throughout our careers. How lucky am I?  Mary Lee has been a gift to all of us who have learned alongside her as teachers, colleagues and friends.  Such an incredible career she’s had! Today, let’s celebrate #MarvelousMaryLee with #PoemsForMaryLee as she goes into her last week of teaching before retirement!


Mary Lee is retiring
And today we want to celebrate her
Retirement with a Poetry Friday Takeover!
(You know I love you if I attempt writing poetry for you.)

Let the fun begin!

Everyone join in sharing
Everything we love about Mary Lee!


I have been lucky for

So so long learning from and with Mary Lee!


Really, who gets to have a whole career with someone
Equally passionate about children, literacy and learning
Teaching together, but not in the same school, all these years

Is such a gift

Reaching so many students and supporting so many colleagues

Is what you’ve always done

Now it’s time to

Go on to enjoy your new adventures!



  1. My post is up - like you I've gone with an acrostic. :) (Yours says much more than mine!)

  2. Joining in the #PoetryFriday celebration of MaryLee - #MarvelousMaryLee #PoemsforMaryLee:

  3. Congratulations MaryLee
    Your knowledge and your contributions to the daily lives of kids will be missed.

  4. Happy Retirement, Mary Lee! #PoemsforMaryLee #MarvelousMaryLee #PoetryFriday

  5. And so the takeover begins! Many congratulations to our Marvelous Mary Lee whose presence in the Poetry Friday community is admired. I will add my thoughts at my blog.

  6. A Jazz Poem for Mary Lee Kevin’s Meandering Mind

  7. What a gift to wake up to! Thank you Franki! I'm gobsmacked...and feeling so much love. What a gift. What a gift.

  8. "A Memory and a Gift" to you, Mary Lee.

  9. Franki, thank you for your sweet celebration and acrostic. Mary Lee, I'm enjoying getting to know you through all the lovely tributes written!

  10. A memory to you Mary Lee. Congratulations and thank you for all you do!

  11. "A Beam of Light: In Honor of Mary Lee Hahn" can be found here, Mary Lee, with love:

  12. How could we not?

  13. Posting for Lynn Salem
    Mary Lee, you have been an inspiration and source of awe to me from the day I met you. Your creativity, ingenuity, commitment, bravery, and honesty are strengths that are not always found all together in one person. But in you, Mary Lee, they are combined to be the outstanding person we have all come to Respect with a capital R!

    The teaching profession will be devoid of one incredible teacher next fall. But all your former students and your colleagues will continue to grow and change from the inspiration you have given each of us in so many different ways. We wish you the best in your retirement. Now, go out and celebrate! You deserve it!

    Lynn and Bob Salem

  14. Congratulations Mary Lee - let the summer travel around Columbus series begin! Can't wait to explore with you :)

  15. Mary Lee, you were one of the first authors I worked with after I joined Stenhouse in 2001. I quickly learned to appreciate and admire your forthrightness, your strength and courage, your love of children's lit, and you love of teaching. I have learned from you. You made me a better editor. I have enjoyed our conversations over the years, and am proud to call you a friend. Bet of luck to you in retirement. And don't be a stranger. Bill V

    1. Sorry for the typos! Here's a little secret - I type with two fingers. And I'm an editor. I belong on The Island of Misfit Toys.

  16. Congratulations MaryLee! I am so happy for you! Here's a little poem...

    Your quiet leadership
    Inspires others
    To create
    To dream
    To blossom.

    Lots of love,


  17. As Mary Lee's brother, I've known her for even longer than Frankie - and I can also attest that she is marvelous! Happy Retirement!!

  18. Happy Retirement, Mary Lee!! And thank you, Franki for this online celebration and your wonderful acrostic!!

  19. Hello my dear friend. I am celebrating you today--the thousands of lives you have touched, the wisdom you have so generously shared and the beautiful journey that lies ahead. In honor of your retirement, I am posting a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks.
    I was at my happiest, sitting on the back porch,
    to sit there and look out at the western sky
    with all those beautiful changing clouds
    and just to dream about the future,
    which was going to be ecstatically exquisite,
    like those clouds.”

    Your most exquisite days are just ahead of you Mary Lee. Enjoy your retirement.

    Desiree Cueto

  20. And here's to new journeys Mary Lee! Lovey acrostic Frankie, and I'm happy to join in this celebration, thanks!

  21. I'm delighted to celebrate such a champion! How many, many wonderful lives touched by Mary Lee. So glad you feel the love.

  22. I'm late but I'm here! Love you, Mary Lee!

    Here's my post for you:

  23. Beautiful tribute to a marvelous person. (I, too, went acrostic, but yours is much more poignant. :)

  24. Anyone who had the privilege of working with Mary Lee for so long is lucky and blessed. I hope you feel the love that is genuine and caring as you enter the next wild journey of your life, Mary Lee.

  25. Thank you, Franki, for organizing this virtual party for Mary Lee! So many of us who participate in Poetry Friday appreciate the opportunity to show her some love.

  26. What a fun day of celebration! This was a great idea, Franki. I enjoyed being reminded of the story of the two of you and seeing these pictures. Congratulations, Mary Lee.


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