Saturday, May 08, 2021

Text Set: Teacher as Reader-Taking Care of Our Own Reading Lives

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Summer is around the corner. So, this week's "text set" is about taking care of our own lives as readers. I am a true believer that to be a teacher of reading, you must be a reader yourself. And I am the first to admit that I don't give enough time to my own reading life.  I spend so much time reading children's books (which I LOVE) and books to share with children, that I don't always make time for my own reading. This week's list is to make sure that we can think ahead to summer--so that we can start building our reading lists with books that aren't for the children in our classrooms, but for us. Because taking care of ourselves and our personal reading lives is important.

I loved this book so much and I need everyone I know to read it because there is soooo much to talk about.  Klara and the Sun is fascinating and I think no matter what your taste as a reader, you'll enjoy it.  I read Kazuo Ishiguro's book Never Let Me Go and it's one that has stayed with me for over a decade. I think Klara will be the same. I started this with the audio and it is fabulous --then I moved to the book. I highly recommend either or both. I read this book several weeks ago and have been thinking about it ever since. If you read it, you must let me know so we can chat!

The Vanishing Half is by far one of my favorite adult fiction novels of all time.  Brit Bennett was a new author to me when I read this and I am so glad that I discovered her writing. I love books with complex characters that I love and this one has that.  I love so many characters in this book and it was pretty incredible how well developed so many of the characters are. Really one of the best books of the decade, I think. 

I read Such a Fun Age last summer and loved it. It is definitely a book that gives us lots to think about and another with characters I loved.  This is a quicker read than the last two but it is also powerful and important. 

Juliet Takes a Breath is a young adult novel everyone should read!  This author. These characters.  The writing. All of it.  There is a new graphic novel version of the book too--I haven't read it yet but I hear it is also fabulous!

I am not always a fan of graphic novels. I read lots of middle grade graphic novels but not very many graphic novels for myself. But Dancing at the Pity Party is one I am so glad that I read. This is young adult but definitely a great read as an adult.  Family. Grief. Traditions. Growing up. It is brilliantly done.

This week's books were linked at Brain Lair Books. If you are looking for a fabulous independent bookstore to support, this is an amazing one. 

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  1. Thank you so much for the review. The Vanishing Half has been on my TBR list for several moths. I think I will bump it to the top.


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