Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Mosaic

March's mosaic features lots of small surprises: a tail and a nose peeking from under birthday wrap, a ladybug walking across the snow, a hawk in the tree across the street, the first spring blooms, geese on a rooftop, tree trunks that look like elephant legs, goldfish in a TV set.

Every month, I've got lots of snapshots and only a few really well-composed, crisply focused photographs. I'm pretty sure that's what it will be like when I roll out April's 30 poems -- there are bound to be some lame clunkers, but I'm hoping for a few I can really be proud of.

Here's the schedule of Poetry Month Events around the Kidlitosphere:

  • Gregory K. will once again host 30 Poets/30 Days with previously unpublished poems by favorite children's authors.
  • Tricia Stohr-Hunt will interview 30 children's poets, beginning with Mary Ann Hoberman, the US Children's Poet Laureate. The Poetry Makers list is stellar!
  • Jone MacCulloch shares Thirty Days, Thirty Students, Thirty Poems: original poems by students. Jone will also again offer the Poetry Postcard Project where original student poems are sent out on decorated postcards. Request yours now.
  • Jama Rattigan is posting original poems & favorite recipes by some of the Poetry Friday regulars.
  • At A Wrung Sponge, Andromeda will share a "haiga" (photo and haiku) each day.
  • Kelly Fineman at Writing and Ruminating will continue the Building a Poetry Collection series she began last year -- selecting a poem a day in a kind of personal Poetry Tag (see Sylvia Vardell's version below) and providing analysis. I call this The University of Kelly Fineman because I learn so much in each post!
  • Sylvia Vardell will be inviting poets to play Poetry Tag. She will invite poets to "play" along by offering a poem for readers to enjoy, then she will "tag" a poet who shares her/his own poem THAT IS CONNECTED to the previous poem in SOME way—by a theme, word, idea, tone-- and offers a sentence or two explaining that connection. The poets have responded enthusiastically: J. Patrick Lewis, X. J. Kennedy, Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Avis Harley, Lee Bennett Hopkins, Joyce Sidman, and more!
  • Laura at Author Amok is highlighting the poets laureate of all 50 states this month! Fun Fun!
  • Laura Salas will post a children's poem per day from a poetry book she loves.
  • Lee Wind is publishing many new Teen voices during April for National Poetry Month. GLBTQ Teen Poetry.


    Checks these blogs daily for new original poems by the following people:

  • Susan Taylor Brown
  • Andromeda Jazmon
  • Jone MacCulloch
  • Elizabeth Moore
  • April Halprin Wayland
  • Liz Scanlon
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    1. Mary Lee,

      Always a treat to see your mosaics! Thanks for sharing with us each month.


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