Monday, March 01, 2010


As you know, we have great children's librarians at the Dublin Library. This week, George came in to share books and songs with our K-2 students. As usual, he was a hit . George actually has Rock-Star Status with our K-2 students. It was a fun afternoon as he got kids excited about our upcoming Pajama Party Story Time at the Dublin Library. George shared many new books, several that I hadn't seen. One that he shared was SPOT IT! FIND THE HIDDEN CREATURES by Delphine Chedru. I have already had requests for it so I ordered one right away.

Kids love the I SPY books and I love new and unique ways that authors create seek and find books for kids. A favorite newer series of mine is SPOT 7. In the SPOT 7 books, readers have to spot 7 differences between two seemingly identical photos.

There are lots of things to like about this new SPOT IT! book. First of all, the hidden items are fun to find. Instead of photos, the illustrator creates a colorful pattern on each page. The pattern/illustrations repeat across the page but when you look more closely, you find what is hidden. The text is very simple. The book starts out telling the reader to "Find the owl who needs her glasses..." and then continues this list type book with a new item to find on each page. Some pages are easier than others but it is quite a fun book. I can see kids of all ages liking this one. I can see why George chose to share it and why it has been the most requested book since his visit!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this one and the Spot 7 books! These will be great additions to my classroom library.

  2. What a great time sharing books, stories and songs with your students. Cant wait for this Wednesday's Pajama Storytime. Thank you so much Franki!

  3. The illustrations in this book are meant to be great fun. I really will have to track a copy down!

  4. just have to say how fabulous George is... each year our primary visits him at the library - books come alive as George reads and performs. Kids are totally involved!


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