Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Everything is a Poem

by J. Patrick Lewis
illustrated by Maria Cristina Pritelli
Creative Editions, 2014

What is more fun than a whole shelf full of J. Patrick Lewis poetry books? An anthology with all of his best poems collected between its covers!

Knowing that Pat has published a shelf-full of poetry books, one wonders how on earth he picked these "bests" that can be found in such wide-ranging topics in the table of contents as Animals, People, Reading, Sports, Riddles and Epitaphs, Mother Nature, Places, and A Mix?

Inspired by his title, I have prepared a series of posts that will spotlight 2014 poetry books that feature poetry in science, nature, history, biography, and the imagination. Stay tuned!

Over at No Water River, Renee reviewed Everything is a Poem last summer. For a peek at the illustrations and some of the poems, head on over there now.


  1. Your 'future' plan sounds good, Mary Lee. I love this new book by J. Patrick Lewis, knowing I couldn't possibly buy all his books, this will fill in some gaps I hope. Thanks for your ideas about it.

  2. Laughed at Linda's comment. NOBODY could buy all of Pat's books. The man is a genius-poetry machine! I do particularly love this collection, though:>)

  3. Hooray can't wait!!

  4. I don't know this author, but will definitely check him out. Since I haven't been teaching I am a bit behind in my knowledge of what's out there in books. This book should give me a taste for all his others, it sounds like. Thanks for the recommendation.


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