Tuesday, November 04, 2014

October Mosaic

Row 1: Kitten at the car museum (your inference is correct), last of the summer bumblers, Red Sky in the Morning...Sailor Take Warning, October Fest at the Crest, spectacular fungi in our neighbor's garden.

Row 2: First blush of color in the trees, amazing package from Steps and Staircases Lisa, grumpy bunny at the Fairfield County Fair, truth in advertising (at the fair), wacky rooster (at the fair).

Row 3: Budweiser Clydesdales and their dog (at the fair), rides and midway (at the fair), wine tasting near Circleville, dried fruit and nuts to cleanse our palates, Ohio cheese tasting (Food for Thought event) at Old Worthington Library.

Row 4: Fall color on the branch, fall color on the ground, preying mantis on the bike path, AJ on the bike path, me on the bike path.

Row 5: View on the bike path, Jeni's reward midway through a 4 hour bike ride, Mona Lisa mural in the Short North, Brunch and Books was at Tasi (YUM!), plethora of acorns in the front bed.

Row 6: My favorite gingko tree in full regalia, Jeni's reward at the end of a 2 hour bike ride, 2014 pumpkins.

Sigh. I love October. And it always goes WAY too fast.

(You can see all the pictures on Flickr here.)


  1. What a lovely month you had. Ice cream, bike riding, wine, and beautiful colors. I think you had some balance.

  2. October is the best month, Mary Lee. I always love seeing your recap in pictures.

  3. It is so much fun to see your life through your photos. I have to agree October is my favorite month.

  4. Mosaic time...hooray! Looks like it was a winner, Mary Lee.


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