Saturday, November 01, 2014

Celebrating Barbara O'Connor!

Flickr Creative Commons Photo by Will Clayton

Even though our blog birthday was on January 1, we are celebrating it all year! On our 8th Birthday, we decided to celebrate 2014 by celebrating others who inspire us every day. Each month, on the 1st (or so) of the month, we will celebrate a fellow blogger whose work has inspired us. We feel so lucky to be part of the blog world that we want to celebrate all that everyone gives us each day.

This month we are celebrating author, Barbara O'Connor.  We LOVE Barbara O'Connor. If you search "Barbara O'Connor" on our blog, you will see how obsessed with her books we actually are. We mention Barbara quite often, as a matter of fact!  How could we not love her so much? Her books are brilliant! She knows how to write for middle grade students in a way that is just right--she has a respect for these 8-12 year olds as human beings that comes out in all of her writing. So there's that. 

But there is also the voice she brings to the Kidlitosphere. Her blog celebrates literacy and children and teachers and schools.  She shares school visits and letters from her young fans. Her blog post and Facebook/Twitter (@barbaraoconnor) updates let us in on her life as a writer and as a person. She is generous with her time and seems to always make time for the children and teachers who are big fans of her work. The honesty and joy she brings to the conversation is one we celebrate today!

To honor Barbara, we made a donation to READ Dogs Minnesota: Improving Literacy One Tail at a Time, an organization that utilizes dogs as reading buddies. We thought this was a perfect tribute to Barbara O'Conner because it combines three things she cares about--literacy, children and dogs.  We think this organization is brilliant and have made a $25 donation in Barabara's honor.

Please help us celebrate Barbara O'Connor for all she does to celebrate children, teachers and schools!


  1. I am speechless. Thank you for this wonderful honor. receive this honor from a teacher I respect so much means the world to me. Thank you.

    1. We are both thrilled to celebrate you and your work!

    2. receive this honor from TEACHERS I respect.... :-) I know this comes from both of you. I am so very touched.

  2. And every bit of it is true, Barbara.
    She is very generous with her time, not only with teachers and children, but also gives freely (advice and pep talks!) to her fellow writers. Happy birthday, Barbara O'Connor!

  3. I'll just say "Ditto," because, as a lesser-lights writer, I am awed by Barbara's story-telling ability. I love those stories, and I haven't been a middle schooler for... well, none of your business.

  4. YAYYYY for Barbara O'Conner! Had the pleasure of meeting her in Ga. a couple years back and she's as delightful in person as she is through all those wonderful books. [And through her hilarious FB posts, too.] A shining light for countless young readers, & a generous inspiration to writers....! :0)
    [And yay for children, dogs, and reading.]


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