Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Amy Krouse Rosenthal: A Beauty Salon

Amy Krouse Rosenthal was the one with the yellow umbrella on that night back in August of 2008 (8/8/08 at 8:08 PM) when she beckoned the lovely and made a cool 18th thing with the folks who showed up. She didn't just make that 18th thing. She made her way into our hearts.

It seemed more than a coincidence when hubby and I were in Chicago recently, that a yellow umbrella shone out when I took one of my many requisite shots of "The Bean."

And when I learned from Lisa (Steps and Staircases) about an exhibit at the Carrie Secrist Gallery in Chicago (through August 12), Amy Krouse Rosenthal: A Beauty Salon, I knew we would have to go.

It was amazing. Inspiring. Heart-wrenching. And lovely beyond words.

Thank you, AKR, for all the good you did and all the beauty you brought to the world. You left far too early. We'll do our best to continue to beckon the lovely and make amazing things with/in/of our lives.


  1. Love reimagining a vending machine as a mending machine. I would be in line. Several projects await already! Beckon the lovely is such a powerful phrase! You're right, Amy did leave us far too early. Thanks for sharing your photos from the gallery.

  2. When my daughter was in graduate school at UofC, we'd travel to Chicago every summer. This was before I knew about Amy and her beckoning of lovely. Now I wish I could go back in time to embrace the time she was here.
    I was putting my classroom together today and came across a poem about dreams that you wrote for me and placed in a magnetic frame. It's up again on the art cabinet, so I'll think of you often this year.

  3. Beautiful tribute to an amazing author and person!

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