Thursday, August 17, 2017

Poetry Friday--Reprise

As seen/passed around on FaceBook


All summer it's been cool
but just in time for school
the heat comes back,
like a big muggy bully.

One afternoon, regardless of the math lesson,
the air conditioning goes out.
Just up and leaves.
Walks out of the room without permission,

leaving the door open
for the bully to swagger in,
disrupt the lesson,
and make us sweat ourselves.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2013

Luckily, only the part about the return of the heat is true. (knock wood) We have not lost air conditioning and we are grateful every day for it!

EDITED TO ADD: Got to school this morning...NO AIR-CONDITIONING! ARGHHH!! 

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: It came back on just after the students arrived. We were cool again by mid morning. YAY!!

Kay has the Poetry Friday Roundup this week at A Journey Through the Pages.


  1. I'm pretty sure the power of your big muggy bully words made that happen. Be careful what you write for! :)

  2. May the weather calm and comfort all.

  3. I just said to my husband not five minutes ago, "Who flicked the humidity switch?" We've had amazing weather this summer in New England, so I can't complain. Today is one of the rare days with humidity. Wishing you an air-conditioned days to come! -- Christie @

  4. Oh no...your poem tempted fate! Hope that big muggy bully leaves the room soon.

  5. Oops! Sounds like you jinxed yourself. Even though I sympathize, I do love saying the words "big muggy bully." Here's hoping the bully has left the building by the start of school on Monday!

  6. I grew up in North Carolina and remember the heat that struck as school began. We did not have air conditioning in many of our school buildings way back then, but we did get early dismissal for heat days!

  7. Yesterday, the weather was so unpleasant! I am really ready for fall. Like the others, I appreciate the oh-so-accurate "big muggy bully."

  8. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Excellent poem! And your edits made me giggle!!

  9. PHEW! Oh boy, I remember being stuck in a hot and sticky classroom as a kid, struggling to not fall asleep while staring longingly out the window! It just feels so cruel to be stuck at school when it still feels like summer!

  10. Oh boy, send this "muggy bully" away–although he/she sure did inspire a wonderful poem! Hope it cools off soon and the AC is working again.

  11. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Great poem, Mary Lee! That "muggy bully" has been visiting CT over the past few days, too. Hope his days are numbered and the air conditioners keep working!

  12. How clever to write about heat as the bully, Mary Lee. You always have a different perspective on life for us to enjoy.

    Friday our air conditioning motor just quit. He had enough of pumping out coolness and wanted a break. Unfortunately, my husband has been in debilitating pain from herniated discs and needed relief from the heat. I arrived home to find the air conditioning mechanic quick to the rescue. Of course, the ending to the tale is a good one but not financially. Quick fixes require big bucks. It is cool in the house so all is well.

  13. Such high drama with the lowly AC! Hope it runs like a chill charm this next week. Happy New School Year! (Loved the poem - I think I missed on its first round, so glad to enjoy in a reprise.)

  14. Mary Lee, I'm sorry to hear about your AC. My kids' schools don't have AC, so they don't start back to school until Sept. It does get hot in June and Sept, though, so it can be miserable as your poem describes. I feel worst for the teachers, because they can't wear sloppy clothes like the kids do.


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