Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fair Enough

I'll put THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL on my to-read list and I'll keep your double recommendation in mind along with the almost guilty admission of another reader whose opinions I highly value who said she couldn't finish it. But I'll read it. And it will likely be an experience like the book that had terrorists and I didn't want to read it, but I did and it was fabulous and I'll eat crow yet again. (What was the title of that book?) No copies of Boleyn Girl are available at the library right now, and my reading life is jammed full, so it will be awhile.

My jammed reading life: our book club will be discussing HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE tomorrow night. (I'll spare you the details.) Our next book is TELL THEM I DIDN'T CRY by Jackie Spinner. From what I gather, the story is almost an exact parallel of the Christian Science Monitor reporter who was recently released after being held hostage in Iraq for 80 some days, and who has a twin sister. Maybe minus the hostage part. I'm sure it will make us think about current events in a more personal way, as we did when we read KITE RUNNER.

On the Children's Lit. scene, I am reading THE WRIGHT 3 with a literature circle group in my class, and I am reading BINDI BABES with a 5th grade India-Indian girl who is in my school "family." I gave her BLUE JASMINE to read (a book about a girl, like herself, who moves from India to a Midwestern city) on the condition that she would tell me if the story seemed "true" to her. She totally related to the book's character, and asked wistfully if I knew of any other books that had Indian girls as the main character. A treasure of a children's librarian at Old Worthington put me on to BINDI BABES and the follow-up book, BOLLYWOOD BABES.

I'm listening to MARCH in the car and loving it! I was so smart to listen to LITTLE WOMEN before this.

And, as usual, I'm hopelessly behind on reading professional journals and books. Don't ask by how many months.

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