Saturday, April 15, 2006

Oh, the temptations.

You bought; I resisted. (We both know it's only temporary.)

Elizabeth Berg has a new book. So does Daniel Handler. (Shouldn't he be busy finishing the SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS????) And ever so hard to resist -- a new one by David Mitchell, author of CLOUD ATLAS.

I was bad in the bookstore. Barnes and Noble, but I won't say which one, to protect the reputation of the clerk. We were chatting about their summer reading program, and she told me that it was all based around THE SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS and Lemony Snicket, "because, you know, SHE would be completing the series in October." I let the faux pas pass, but when I ran across Daniel Handler's adult book in the new fiction, I couldn't resist taking it and showing her the author's picture on the back flap. I didn't rub it in, just said, "THIS is Lemony Snicket."

Is it pathetic, or wonderful, when we know more than the bookstore clerks?

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  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    There is so much to know in the children's book world. Long ago, I worked in a book store. More often than I liked someone would ask a question about I book I did not know. I just decided that each time someone asked a question for which I did not know the answer was a learning experience. Although, I do agree that the book store clerk should have know Handler is a man!


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