Saturday, April 08, 2006

New Books

So, I went and heard Ralph Fletcher speak today. It was an amazing workshop. A great day. And, of course, Sally from Cover to Cover was there selling children's books. SOOOO, here is what I bought--

WEEDFLOWER by Cynthia Kadohata--This is the new book by the author of KIRA-KIRA. It looks like a better concept to me. Friendship, racial tension, etc. One of my students shared it with me on Friday. She had picked it up at the bookstore. I am anxious to read it.

GOSSAMER by Lois Lowry--I was so happy! I didn't know that Lois Lowry had another book coming out. It is being compared to The Giver, I guess. I am sooo excited to read it. She is a favorite.

WHAT STINKS by Marilyn Singer--This looks like a great nonfiction book that kids will pick up and love. It is all about things that stink--mostly plants, animals and insects. It looks like it would be pretty funny to kids too. Great photos.

I LOVE OUR EARTH by Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson--This is a great text written in poetic form with great photos to go along with each page. There seems to be a picture of a child on each page and they are great photos of kids from different areas in the world.

BUSY IN THE GARDEN by George Shannon--This is a fun book of garden poems for young children. They are great poems with great rhythm and rhyme. Just a fun, happy book!

WALK ON! A GUIDE FOR BABIES OF ALL AGES by Marla Frazee--This picture book is hysterical. It is a How-To book for babies on learning how to walk. Great illustrations too.

NOW AND BEN: THE MODERN INVENTIONS OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN by Gene Barretta--This is a book that looks at Ben's inventions and how they are important to us now--how we used the things he invented. Great sharing of how his original inventions have evolved and how important they still are. Great, fun illustrations too.

FAMILIES by Susan Kuklin is a great book with photos and pieces about many different families. They are told in the children's voices and through interviews. The thread of love is clear throughout the book. The message of the book is strong. I may have to buy one for home and one for school!

So, I'll keep you posted as I read them.

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