Friday, August 25, 2006

Poetry Friday--Aunt Eweginia

As I was getting the classroom ready for school, I came across one of my favorite poetry books and had to reread some of the poems. The play on language is fun throughout the book. It is called WOOL GATHERING: A SHEEP FAMILY REUNION by Lisa Wheeler. Below is one of my favorite poems from the book. Enjoy! Aunt Eweginia Eweginia is a Ewesful Ewe. Just wait, Ewe'll see what she can do. She'll knit Ewe scarves, she'll knit Ewe gloves. There's nothing more Eweginia loves, than knitting white wool Eweniforms or woolen socks to keep Ewe warm. Ewe mustn't watch Ewe see, that's rude. Eweginia knits till she is nude. By Lisa Wheeler By the way, speaking of Poetry Friday, I wanted to share something we do in our classroom every Friday--called "Poetry Friday" actually. I wanted kids to have time to relax and enjoy poetry with friends in the same way that we often enjoy donuts and coffee in the teachers' lounge on Fridays. So, we have Poetry Friday for the first 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the day on Fridays. Parents sign up to bring in a breakfast snack and drink (donuts and juice, muffins and milk, fruit, etc.) Kids come in, grab a snack and have fun with poetry--sitting around reading poetry with friends. I have done this for 2 years and kids quickly come to love poetry when they have this time to eat good food, and enjoy great poetry with their friends. I have about 100-200 poetry books in the classroom so they always find new poems to read. And when you eat donuts while you are reading poetry, you equate the two and begin to love poetry! (the Pavlov effect)

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