Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What all this heat is good for

I finished A FINE BALANCE. A fine balance between hope and despair, between humor and gut-wrenching violence and sadness, between the Beggarmaster and the beggars, between casual and deliberate choices, between debit and credit. "Let me tell you a secret: there is no such thing as an uninteresting life." (p.593)

After I pulled my head out of the book, I looked around the house. This led to Swiffering up the drifts of dog and cat hair instead of vacuuming (too hot), which left enough time for the luxury of exercising in an airconditioned health club.

Working out on the machines instead of swimming laps allowed me to begin to get caught up on NPR podcasts that have piled up, namely the Radio Expeditions series.

And THAT led to a story about Ecuadoran tree hoppers who remind me greatly of bloggers: creatures whose conversations cannot be detected without the proper equipment, who are evolving a system of social communication that is going on almost all the time.

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