Monday, August 14, 2006

YELLOW STAR and Others

Well, I seem to be back on a lucky streak with reading. I picked up YELLOW STAR by Jennifer Roy the other day. What an amazing read! It is an amazing story. Very powerful. Loved it. I read it in one sitting. It is told beautifully. I can't imagine this one won't win some kind of an award.

I also read PENNY FROM HEAVEN by Jennifer Holm. I loved this one too. The historical piece about the Italians during this time period was interesting. The characters have stayed with me. It is a great story. I am now a huge fan of Jennifer Holm. I didn't realize that she wrote BABYMOUSE too. I am always amazed at writers who can be successful at two very different types of writing. I want to go back and read her last book (Newbery Honor) OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA. I would be happy if this one won the Newbery too!

For an adult read, I just finished THE STOLEN CHILD: A NOVEL by Keith Donohue. It was not my usual read. I am not a big fantasy reader but I have had a lot of luck with Borders "Original Voices". They are usually a nice surprise from an author I do not know. I enjoyed this one. The metaphor and the story were engaging. The writing fascinated me. The story was told from two perspectives--the grown up Henry and the child. I am always amazed at how writers do this type of writing. Amazing how the story came together. The characters were fascinating. The whole premise was pretty interesting. I would recommend it.

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