Monday, September 04, 2006

Links for Teachers

I updated our generic and quirky "Links" section on the sidebar to (hopefully) be more useful to teachers who read here. Any other favorites you'd like us to consider?


  1. Students for Literacy Ottowa:

    Jen Robinson also does weekly round ups of news articles about literacy:

    The weekly Carnival of Education:

    there is also a Carnival of Homeschooling (I couldn't find a "home" page for this but here is a recent carnival at : ), I have read some very good resource round ups and reflections on education theory etc at homeschooling blogs

  2. Like I said (Graham Wegner said it first though), "Comments are the lifeblood of blogs"!!!! Thanks for reading AND commenting -- you're one of my blogging role models!

  3. How about the Guys Read website?


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