Saturday, December 02, 2006

New Holiday Book

I am loving the new book called THE BUMP ON SANTA'S NOGGIN by Jeffrey Schatzer! I didn't know the author but my daughter received it as a present. It is quite good and quite funny. Santa gets a bump on his head and can't remember what his job is. People around the community give Santa clues so that he'll remember his job, but he keeps making incorrect guesses. The pictures--photos of Santa dressed as all sorts of things--are pretty hilarious. Santa finally does get it right. I have favorite holiday stories and always have trouble finding new ones that I love. This story made me laugh. It would definitely make a great Christmas present. As a teacher, I can see young children jumping in to help Santa figure out who he is. It would definitely make for a fun read aloud. I don't know of his other book but I will certainly check it out now.

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