Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blog Reading Blues

I am so pathetically behind in blog reading. How far behind am I, you ask? I just went to Bloglines for the first time in I Don't Know How Long, and I was stunned by the bloggy productivity of you all!

The King of All Bloggy Productivity goes to Sam Riddleburger with 87 posts since the last time I checked Bloglines! It's mind boggling...the alternative Harry Potter endings, the Rubik's Cube solving, the juggling video (great music, and I love the slo-mo at the end), the reviews of obscure books...All I can say is, WOW!

The Candy Blog (82 new posts) just barely edged out Fuse #8 (80 new posts) for first place. Good thing I looked, The Candy Blog has a contest going on -- she's giving away candy! Go check it out! No Video Sunday for Fuse this week, but good for her -- she gets a vacation!

In second place, with 65 posts, is Two Writing Teachers. They have so many great ideas for writing workshop that it almost gives me hives (but in a good way -- in a "stick your neck out and try something new" way).

In a close third, is Jen Robinson, with 56 posts since last I checked Bloglines. Wow, Jen! You've been busy! I can't wait to read The Puzzling World of Winston Breen, and your new photo is smashing! (Dang! You even added another post while I was working on this!)

Blogs in the 40's (number of posts, not necessarily age) are Mentor Texts (45) and Miss Rumphius (44). I love Literacy Teacher's (Mentor Texts) posts about her read alouds. Tricia (Miss Rumphius) has been tagged for a writing meme that you might want to try. (Not me, not now, I'm too busy reading blogs!)

Blogs in the 30's include Big A little a (39 -- Weekend Reviews, Everyday Etiquette, The Edge of the Forest, The Cybils -- come up for air, Kelly!), A Wrung Sponge (37 -- how does she do it with two little boys and her 365 photo project and her school library and her typing classes?), and Robin Brande (30 -- sorry I haven't been back for Tuesday Book Club. School happened. Reading has declined. Paper grading and assessment scoring has increased. The snake training story is a hoot. I DID have time to read that!)

Everybody else who's in double digits, you have my deepest admiration!

Read Roger (28)
Tea Cozy (27)
ReadWriteBelieve (26) (That is some freaky geekery!!!!)
Chicken Spaghetti (26) (Love the news from the coop!)
WildRoseReader (22)
GottaBook (22)
Educating Alice (19)
Mother Reader (17) (I have the same blues you do!)
Liz in Ink (17)
Hip Writer Mama (15)
Read, Read, Read (11)
Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast (10) (But add to that a hundred important Robert's Snow emails!)

And you, I know what happened to your life! Keep plugging. You'll be able to come up for air in a month or so:

Creative Literacy (5)

If you didn't find your blog in this post, it's not because I don't read your blog, it's because I've come to the end of the hour that I allotted for doing this penance. I'm going to Bloglines as soon as I post this, and I'm going to click the "Mark All Read" button and start over again fresh.


  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Too funny, Mary Lee! I have to resort to "mark all as read" sometimes when I've been doing a lot of travel. And actually, I've been more prolific than usual this month because I haven't been traveling, and I've been on a bit of a kick to catch up with my reviews. Of course, right now I'm sitting looking at a stack of 8 titles that I've read and would like to review, so it's not like I'm making tremendous progress.

    Anyway, it's great to have you checking back in! And thanks for your compliment regarding the new photo. Cheers!

  2. Anonymous2:25 PM

    That's a hoot, Mary Lee. I find it hard to keep up with my blog reading, too--and I don't teach school!

    I'm glad to hear that you like the coop stories; I worry a little bit about turning into a pet blogger. But the chicks are such sweet pets that I want to spread the word!

  3. So, so funny!
    There are blogreading times when I do skim veryfast. Figuring hey, I don't read the paper everyday.
    Glad to have made the list, even tho this has been a surprisingly bad posting week for me; all my writing has been nonblog.

  4. You have been so busy, Mary Lee! And I so regret that I have not left you many comments lately... I have been so busy as well! I had to let my google blog reader go for one day last week and at the end of the day there were 25!posts!
    I am still reading.. slowly, but still hear.
    Keep in touch!

  5. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Deep admiration right back atcha!

  6. I didn't know what Bloglines was, but I appreciate you recognizing my blog! :)

  7. Hah! I know your pain. I haven't opened my reader in 10 days :( This week for sure!

  8. Mary Lee,

    Heavens! I have been feeling that I haven't kept up with my blogging lately. I have had a lot of other responsibilities to attend to. It's harder to keep up with blog reading, too, because there are so many blogs that I like to read.

    Right now I'm on vacation on Wesport Island, Maine. It's gorgeous here! The weather has been I probably won't be posting for a few more days. At least I have Internet access here.

  9. Anonymous10:56 AM

    See. All these incredible numbers make me feel better. Of course we can't keep up. A brain can only absorb so much wit and wisdom! Holy moly, what a prolific bunch...

  10. Thank heavens for that little "mark all.." button. September is kicking my butt!! Actually I have to say the weather is so gorgeous some days I choose to go outside for a walk with my camera or to play with my boys instead of reading blogs. I hope everyone else does stuff like that too!

  11. You are right...I can't breathe this month!!! I am glad I am not the only one behind on blog reading!


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