Friday, September 07, 2007

Poetry Friday, Root Canals, and... a CONTEST!

So I went to the dentist for my regular check up this week. And, yes, the dentist thinks I may need a root canal. She is sending me to a specialist for an
evaluation. So, I started to write these to amuse myself while I was accepting the fact that I am old enough for a root canal. I thought it might be fun to try a FIB and I went from there.

Root Canal Fib

Old age
X-Ray could be wrong
Don’t want one at all

Root Canal Haiku

Abscess? Is it true?
Is it cuz I’m forty plus?
How much will it hurt?

Root Canal Question Poem
Did you know an abscess is a glob of puss?

Then I wondered if I could write a limerick, or some other form of poetry about root canals. Imagine the possibilities! Then I figured it might be more fun to have a contest. (We have never run a contest, but we have loved the contests that Lisa Yee, Three Silly Chicks, and Mother Reader have run.

The Contest:
So, choose any form of poetry you like. Write a poem in that form about root canals. Submit it in the comments. We will announce and post the winning poem for next Friday's Poetry Friday post so you have until Thursday night--September 13th.

And the prize is.....

an PERSONALIZED, AUTOGRAPHED copy of Lester Laminack's book Trevor's Wiggly-Wobbly Tooth (okay, so there are not so many children's books about root canals, but this is a great picture book and it IS about an issue with one's teeth!).

So..enter away!
Amuse me before I go to the specialist for a more thorough evaluation!


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I am in! I had a root canal last March. I feel your pain. Awful. Loved the fib. Good luck with that.

  2. Here it is. It just flowed out of my brain this morning. I might have tweaked it more, but had to get to work by 10:00. Anyway, here you go:

  3. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Aww, gosh. I'm so sorry about the tooth -- but the contest sounds fun. I'm puttin' my mind to it...

  4. I had a root canal done earlier this year, and it was a breeze! Seriously, I'm the biggest wimp, and wasn't bothered by it at all. But an endodontist did mine, not my regular dentist. Oh, and I'm only in my mid-twenties, so don't be feeling old. Root canals are not exclusive to the elderly apparently.

    Love the poems!

  5. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Franki!! Alexa linked your blog so I thought I'd write you a message!

    I'm very sorry to hear about the root canal. I will say that I had to get a gum graft a few years back where they removed gum from the roof of my mouth and stitched it where I had a receding gum line.. i share this in sordid detail only to assure you that the procedure wasn't bad at all and that if I can handle that, you can totally take on the root canal :]

    Below is, naturally, my poem about root canals:

    I told myself:
    "It's time to change,
    No more sugar or treats."
    ...But a friend baked me some homemade fudge...
    That'd be rude not to eat!
    Then at Tammy's there was Pumpkin pie,
    But I was strong and true
    I had not a crumb,well then again..
    Maybe a bite or two...
    Next Karen said, "Oh, try my cake!"
    But you'll be glad to know--
    I scooped off all the frosting then
    Had 8 pieces or so.
    And I chose some fruit tarts--
    Fruit is healthy!
    Really, do be fair!
    And I had no treats when I went home...
    And ate but ONE e'clair!
    I've stuck to my word, and shocked was I
    Last Tuesday when they rang
    And I heard them say "Root Canal"
    Whilest I finished my maringue.
    So here I sit, in the dentist's chair
    I do not understand
    I've let myself no sugar
    This is really out of hand.
    Dr. D says "sugar-free",
    I say, "I've been that way for months."
    All that drilling makes me hungry,
    ...I'll just have a FEW donuts.

  6. Franki,

    I've written two root canal poems for your contest and posted them at Wild Rose Reader...along with a link to this post at A Year of Reading.

  7. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I wish the poem could have gotten written. My week was busy. I go for teeth cleaning today. Hope your tooth is better.


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