Sunday, January 27, 2008

30-Day Challenge Update

So, I made it to WEEK 4 of Boot Camp! I can hardly believe that I have made it through 15 days.The name (Adventure Boot Camp for Women) certainly fits. It has certainly been an adventure. Today (a Sunday remember), I automatically woke up at 4:30 AM. Lucky for me, I have no trouble falling back to sleep but my body must be kind of getting used to getting up early. This week will be full last-week things at boot camp. Picture day, Weighing and Measuring too. My before and after picture would look exactly the same but I am thinking it will take months of working out to see big results. I don't know how much success I had with weight and inch loss but I do know I feel better and I actually started a habit that I like enough to stick with for a while. I guess I am okay with it taking longer than I thought since I like it enough to keep it up. I certainly had a few bad days--days I didn't want to wake up, days I thought I would die before the workout was over. But my goal was to get through it. And I knew it wouldn't be easy. For me, things have to be social and I have to like the people I am with. And this is social and fun and I like the people. I have always been willing to work hard if the environment is right. And I must say, we laugh a lot every morning. (How could you not laugh when you are told that you will be having wheelbarrow races next....)

So, I signed up for Round 2 of Boot Camp. (We will have a week in between camps.) To celebrate the fun, I bought a new pair of running shoes. I like them. They will wake me up in the morning. And the shoes now match my exercise mat--nothing like a little 80s aerobics feel. I wore the new shoes on Friday--they are quite lite and comfy. I bought them at a running store right down the street. I am always afraid to go into those stores because I think that only thin running people go there. But, I found out that a lot of people buy running shoes for their jobs so lots of nurses, etc. buy their shoes there. Not just runners. They had some pretty cool exercise clothes. I may have to revisit the store when camp moves outdoors in the spring. I will need some of those serious runner clothes that keep you warm when it is cold outside.

So, this week, we do the mile run, etc. I imagine I will still be almost last and I am okay with that. My goal was to get through it, to make it a habit--one that I could stick with for a long time. (And with losing only 1/2 pound a week, I am going to need to stick with this for a long time.)

So, this week was Week 3 of Success on my 30-Day Challenge. So glad HipWriterMama knows that we need 30 days to make things habit. It was easy for me to decide to commit January to this project. Now, I have done it long enough to make it part of next month too!


  1. One of my colleagues and I are working out with a trainer twice a week and feel like we're in boot camp.

    I wish you success.

    :-) susan

  2. I could've sworn I left a comment here yesterday afternoon...

    Go Franki! You're doing awesome and should be proud of yourself. Now I need to get inspired to exercise.

  3. I tried to leave a comment yesterday too...I think blogger was down for a bit. I so relate to exercising for social purposes. I had a Sat morning aerobics class I used to meet weekly until the class was cancelled. We even had happy hours with one another. I miss it! I am so glad for you! Yeah Franki!

  4. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Hooray for Franki and all the other ladies in Boot camp! YOU DID IT. I know you have to feel great - just the fact that you stuck with this and are now enjoying it! Congrats and have fun during round two! Josie


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