Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Blog Birthday Gala, Day 2

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to Day 2 of our Blog Birthday Gala! Yesterday, we got the party started with a look back at our second year of blogging, some dancing, and some Newbery conversations.

There's a buffet set up in the other room -- how about some snacks? You won't go hungry in the Kidlitosphere!

There are lots of cookies left over from jama's Christmas Cookie party. (I took a couple of plates of candy.) Watch out for the screaming latkes still running around here and there.
If you've got a cup of cocoa, Farm School has some homemade marshmallows to float in your mug.

In the mood for healthier fare? Lots of us spent the summer talking about Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver. You can check out the roundup of posts at Adventures in Daily Living. There's always great food at A Wrung Sponge: figs, zucchini, fresh tomatoes, and more!

Is this blog A Year of READING, or A Year of EATING? We talk about Philly food, NCTE food, Dots, and even bacon!

Fill up your plate and head on over to the fireplace, where conversation has turned to

Teacher Talk
The beginning of school seems so long ago now. Remember that feeling you get when summer is ending? Borderland calls it Ground Rush -- the perfect term with a great story behind it. Camille at BookMoot had two great back to school posts -- one on pencils and one featuring a column from The Dallas Morning News.

Everybody's oohing and ahhing at the Thematic book lists Tricia has in the sidebar at The Miss Rumphius Effect. What a great resource for teachers who use literature in the content areas!

Speaking of great lists, Franki's list of best professional books of 2007 has a lot of folks talking. We're all comparing notes with The Reading Zone's monthly feature called Hot Books -- a list of books her students are loving. And don't forget, the best lists in all of the Kidlitosphere start making their debut today -- the Cybils Short Lists have begun rolling out!

Oh, hey! Did you see that Mo's Elephant and Piggie will be featured on the NEA Read Across America poster? Better order yours now!

Great teaching doesn't always take place in a classroom. Liz thinks about the differences between distance learning/teaching and classroom learning/teaching, and MsMac, a school librarian, facilitates a poetry writing club.

Glad you could stop by again today! Come back tomorrow for some party games and some book conversations!


  1. What fun! Thanks for including me in your great party!

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Another great party day! I'm off to grab some cookies and get down to reading and mingling. Happy Birthday!

  3. Oh, I love the pink! Happy Birthday!

  4. Thx for including my roundup!

  5. Happy Birthday Ladies! I couldn't imagine my days without visits to your little corner of the Web. Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeves for 2008!

  6. What a wonderful idea! I'm so glad I could be a part of the festivities, thanks so much for including me. And how festively pink :)

    Happy birthday gala, Franki and Mary Lee!

  7. Again, Thank you Mary Lee. I can't wait to run into my principals office and beg to have a little money to come to the Dublin Literacy Conference. Then we could meet! :D

  8. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Leave it to you guys to make your party mostly about other people's posts! Sheesh. Modesty...
    Just wanted to say to you both that BESIDES the fact that I want you to be my daughters' teachers AND that you have impeccible taste in poetry (things I've told you both more than once) I also really really relish your blog -- the things you make me take notice of, the poetic musings, the academic insights, the whole ball o' wax. Happy Birthday, gals. And thank you...

  9. I am finally feeling better and just getting around to reading some blogs. Happy Birthday and thank you for including moi in your post.


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