Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mr. Pine's Mixed-Up Signs

I visited Joseph-Beth Bookstore in Cincinnati over the weekend. I was thrilled to see a republished edition of one of my favorite books from childhood-Mr. Pine's Mixed-Up Signs! My husband was in the store with me and I recited the first page before opening the book! (Scary how you can still do that 40 years later...). So, of course I bought the book. I read it to my eight year old who loved it too. How could you not love Mr. Pine?

I did a little research on the publisher--Purple House Press. It seems their mission is to bring back those great children's books that have gone out of print. They have republished all of the Mr. Pine books! (I believe the company is names after their first project--Mr. Pine's Purple House.) And the site has a bit of info about the author, Leonard Kessler.

So, I found a great book from childhood and a great company with a mission that I love! I am looking forward to adding all of the Mr. Pine books to my collection once again!


  1. Franki,
    You have just made my day! I loved Mr Pine books as a kid. I'm going to my local independent this weekend to find one for William. I know he'll love the stories too.
    Thanks for introducing us to Purple House Press.

  2. I remember this book! I had given up all hopes of finding it again. It's so great when out of print books come back :)

  3. Super cool site! Thanks for sharing.


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