Friday, March 27, 2009

Poetry Friday -- New Car

My New Name

I'm called Saturn in the U.S.
I'm Vauxhall in the U.K.
but names don't really matter --
'cause I was bought today!

In Australia I'm a Holden
in Belguim, where I was born,
I'm an Opel, but don't worry --
I speak your dialect of Horn.

Today was such a proud day!
When we drove she called me "fine."
She signed, they clapped, then best of all --
She began to call me Mine.

The round up this week is at The Drift Record of poet Julie Larios.


  1. I'm currently taking public transportation and renting so this really makes me ache. I look forward to owning my next car. (I do like that I'm contributing fewer carbon emissions, too). Happy driving.

  2. That modest poet car---she didn't mention her cute red color! Congrats on the new friendship. ;)

  3. Oh, REALLY!? That's what all of those Vauxhalls are, here? Saturns?! I'm suddenly feeling a little more at home...

    Cute car!

  4. Only you would befriend a poetry-writing car. Adorable! Happy driving!

  5. Mary Lee,

    I love mask poems. My students used to write them all the time. Like me, they thought it was fun to speak in the voice of an animal, element of nature, or inanimate object.

    BTW, I remember renting an Opal when my husband and I traveled in Europe over 30 years ago.

  6. We've owned three different Saturns over the past 17 years - it will last you!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  7. Love the new car! Red, huh?

  8. Tanita, Vauxhalls, Saturn Astras, and Holdens are all technically Opals. Who cares, really, but that's what I've learned during this week of car shopping!!

    Franki, not red...RED!!! I was red-y (ha ha) for a loud car! I know I'll have to drive carefully to maintain my ticketless status, but I'll have FUN every mile I drive!

    Susan, if only we had reliable public transportation that would deliver me to the places I need to go (namely, TO WORK!!!), I'd be right there with you making fewer carbon emissions. While my car isn't a hybrid, it does have an EcoTech engine and dang good gas mileage.

    Elaine, yup. Opals have been good cars for a long, long time!

  9. WHAT an articulate car you got yourself! mercy! Wonder what you're gonna, um, name her??

  10. A RED car that speaks in poetry! HOO-EEE girl! Go go go!

  11. Anonymous4:06 PM

    What fun this is and now I believe my little blue Honda is a tad jealous that I didn't write a poem about him. Le Sigh.

  12. Hee, very cute!!! And fun to learn about the different names the same model has around the world. Sometimes I really wonder where they come up with those names. "Cutlass Ciera," what?

  13. Red is a great color for you! I love the car -- enjoy!!!

    P.S. Love the poem, too!

  14. Mary Lee, I love this! Reminds me a bit of a few of the poems I wrote from pets' points of view.

    The poetry is no surprise--you know cars know all our secrets and how we treat them and what we yell at strangers who cut us off (oh my) is going to come spewing out of their mouths someday:>)



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