Monday, March 16, 2009


I was so excited to get a copy of the new Scaredy Squirrel book from my friend Larry in Canada.  What a good friend to send me my favorite books hot-off-the-press.

This 4th installment of Scaredy Squirrel is as good as the others. This one is the story of our favorite squirrel who is afraid of going to sleep at night because he is afraid of bad dreams!  This one is as good as the others--the humor is there and Scaredy is just as great while dealing with this problem.  Here are the things I love about this one:

-Scaredy Squirrel's glow-in-the-dark teeth against the dark of night on the cover are a fun way to start the book! 
-Melanie Watt has kept with her usual Warning at the beginning of the book--this one says:
Warning:  Scaredy Squirrel insists that everyone check under their beds before reading this book.

-We get to see SS in his pajamas--such a cute little guy!

-Scaredy takes up scrapbooking to keep from falling asleep.  I find that quite amusing.

-The closeups of SS throughout the book are some of the best expressions I've seen on him. Quite the fun book.  (My favorites are the pictures of SS after he finally gets a good night's sleep!)

-The humor is similar to the humor in the other books about SS. You can't help but smile throughout.

A great addition to books about our favorite nervous squirrel.  Can't wait to share it in the library!


  1. I love Scaredy Squirrel! The books are so clever. And my 3 1/2 year old daughter is going to be so excited that there is a 4th book. I'm off to reserve a copy at the library now. Thanks for the head's up!

  2. Franki,

    I LOVE the Scaredy Squirrel books! I'll have to order a copy of this one for myself.

  3. Anonymous6:10 PM

    New Scaredy Squirrel! How did I not know? I can hardly wait to read it!

  4. I love this series. Brilliance by Melanie Watts!!! I am so excited to check out this new year.


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