Thursday, March 05, 2009

Roses and Thorns

by Molly McQuade

Why do roses need their thorns?
Some things are little known.
The touch of a thorn
is a wry, deep telling
of the senses not to bloom
without a wish to,
without belief in pain
to hold us true.

(read the whole poem here)

There have been a few thorns in my life this week. It's good to remember the necessity of their pain "to hold us true;" good to be sure of our blooms, no matter what the cost.

Anastasia has the round up this week at Picture Book of the Day.


  1. Wow, this one requires multiple reads. I like it, though, especially the idea of not blooming without a wish to experience everything.

  2. Thanks, Mary Lee, for this poem today. I especially loved these lines:

    smoothed blades of whipping rose stalks,
    and curl their polished tridents
    to night’s call.


    Hope you have more blooms than thorns soon:>)

  3. Sorry to hear about the thorns, but I know you'll get past it and on to the bloomin'. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem.

  4. Anonymous10:02 AM

    They are like stars
    digging into firmament
    with such desire,
    you don’t quite get it

    So beautiful, the reminder that the thorns are as necessary to the experience of the rose as the flower. Sorry to hear you had a particularly thorny week.

  5. Mary lee,

    Fine poem. It's good to find solace in poetry--to find a poem that speaks of life and to what one may be experiencing at a particular point in time.

    I hope that you'll have more blooms and fewer thorns in your life in the coming weeks.

  6. Sorry to hear about the thorns in your life this week. The last stanza says it all.

  7. Why is it that it's always the thorns that are so effortlessly

    ..healthy that
    they almost have to wound,
    or like bodies that can’t be argued,
    borrowed, tamed.

    Pain isn't good, but pain holds us true. Thanks for the reminder. Your great attitude (and the help of poetry) will surely see you through your thorny patch.

  8. I needed to read this today, thanks. I don't take to thorns easily.

  9. Oh how lovely...
    Now -- Blooms to you, Mary Lee.

  10. awww....very pretty. Sorry about the thorns Mary Lee. but remember...there can always be some blooming at the end of the day...

  11. Thank you all for your good wishes! My week was not a total mass of brambles, just a few random thorns here and there. And now it's Friday and all that is behind me. Whew!

  12. I don't think I'll be able to look at a rose again without thinking of the "wry, deep telling" of the thorns.

    I'm glad the briar patch is behind you for this week, at least.

  13. Thank God for the blooms that overshadow those thorns. Hope your weekend is fragrant and long lasting!


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