Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Mosaic

This was a fun month for picture taking! Green is definitely the predominant hue, but there are bright splashes of color from Cinco de Mayo, blooming flowers and shrubs and the rug hanging on the wall in our new favorite Turkish restaurant. 

(Can you see the ant on the peony bloom?) 

The view from my classroom window this month was foggy. 

Yes, that's a man with a saddle on his head. He's on his way to the Reinersville, OH Trader Days and Flea Market. (We were not. We were stuck in traffic driving past.)

The cups are from our science experiment on the oxidization of pennies (a chemical reaction). The vinegar and water have evaporated (a physical reaction), allowing the salt to re-crystalize (another physical reaction).

These photos are part of Project 365 (my own version) on Flicker. My entire Flickr photostream is here. The rest of my mosaics are here.

Focusing on my own visual literacy is one way I'm thinking about 21st Century Literacies.


  1. Beautiful and colorful mosaic!!

  2. I love love love those pics! The mosaic is such a way to have a snapshot of each month as the year goes by.

  3. I love these mosaics you're doing. I wish I had done this when I did my photopoetry diary a few years ago...Thanks for sharing.

  4. I really need to have you show me how to do this. Could 5th graders do it?


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