Sunday, May 17, 2009

Twitter Mosaic Mug

My good friend Karen ( popped over the other day with the best gift!  Check this out--my very own personalized Twitter Mosaic mug.  As you can see, it has my name and then the photos/avatars of all of the people I follow.  I LOVE THIS!  So many faces of people I learn from and think with. What a great thing.  I am so excited about this gift. If you have a Twitter friend who you need to buy a gift for, I am sure this one would be a hit!  Actually, if you visit this twittermosaic site and type in your user name, you will find LOTS OF fun things you can buy!  A pretty fun gift idea, I think.


  1. I love that gift! Such a great idea!

  2. Hey I think that means my face is on your coffee cup on your library desk!! Too cool!! Turn that mug around so I can see!


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