Wednesday, June 09, 2010


This summer,

Donalyn's going to read a book a day.

Amy's going to write a poem a day. (KEEP writing, actually -- she has been writing a poem a day, since April 1)

I'm thinking about writing a thank you note a day.

(Some of my other favorite one-a-days are Hugh McCloud's daily Gaping Void cartoons, Harry Bliss' daily cartoons, and Garrison Keillor's A Writer's Almanac.)

What will you do once a day all summer long?


  1. I can't way for your Sky-a-Days! When you get started, I'll add you link to the post!

  2. Dear Mary Lee,

    A thank you note a day is a wonderful idea! (And what a fun site you linked to...I am thankful for that pan of cinnamon rolls on your post.)

    Thank you for the mention here. I can't wait to see Toby's skies and maybe some of your more public notes.


  3. Wow! I love the idea of something-a-day! As I have gotten older, and of course, wiser, I realize that I like routines, a lot. I have many something-a-day routines: breakfast, exercise, reading blogs and facebook, etc. However, your blog entry has made me think about creating a literacy routine. This summer, I am going to start a gratitude journal that I will write something in every day! Thanks for the inspiration ML!

  4. I love this!! ML- I am trying to write each day. Today was my first and I set the alarm (and then pressed snooze a ton) to help me get going! Thank you notes are such a great idea. Thanks for inspiring post!

  5. Our kids will both be in college in fall, & my husband & I are looking for a smaller home (& more land). I need to clear out excess stuff, so I plan to give something away every day. I think it will be fun to choose surprise gifts & recipients, & my giveaway-a-day plan will help me reach my goal!

  6. Got a big kick out of the Thx a day site. You always have something cool to share, ML!

  7. I'm working on reading every day! I'm striving to finish a list of 1000 Novels, and so I'm also trying to read 60 books this summer alone! Wish me luck and join me in my journey!

  8. What cool goals! I hope you all enjoy each one of them--they sound really enriching and joyful.

    My summer goal is (wait for it) Survive Each Day. Summer is not my favorite time.

    Have you read Ignore Everybody, by the gaping void guy? Awesome book!


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