Saturday, June 19, 2010

PERFECT PIGGIES! by Sandra Boynton and Other Great Music for Kids

I am all about finding great downloadable songs for kids these days. So imagine my happiness when I spotted PERFECT PIGGIES! by Sandra Boynton on the Cover to Cover counter. I could tell by reading it that this would be a fun song and was thrilled when I got home and listened to it.

You can listen to the song here.

I have found quite a collection of great songs and sites that support songs and literacy. One of my other new favorites, that I wrote about recently is PETE THE CAT by Eric Litwin--another book with a downloadable song. I love the live performance and the kids love it too. Once I found PETE THE CAT, I found others by Mr. Eric. Another new favorite is MR. ERIC'S JUMPING SONG. You can see the lyrics (and hopefully soon, a video) at THE LEARNING GROOVE.

The Elephant Song is another of my favorites.

I wrote about some songs last year for a Poetry Friday celebration.

I wrote about some of these songs when kids were working with Garage Band in the library.

I am also thinking about all of the possibilities for our K-1 readers. Having a great variety of songs and text available is so important. I always had a song book basket when I taught K-1 but having access to these on computers and iPods will be so great for kids. I am starting to see how this technology is going to change the way kids experience so many kinds of text. I love that the list of great downloadable songs for kids is growing. And I love the books, like PERFECT PIGGIES and PETE THE CAT, that give us a downloadable song to go along with the book. I'm looking for more of these.

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  1. Loved Pete the Cat....and didn't even realize it had a downloadable song. Bonus!! More books to check out!!


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