Sunday, May 01, 2011

April Mosaic and 3 Fun iPhone Camera Apps

This month, in a seemingly innocent move, Franki rejuvenated my informal Project 365 "Photo-a-Day" (or at least one for every day of the month, if not exactly one every day) Project.  She sent me a link to something like "The Top 30 Camera Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch." (Of course, I no longer have the exact link...)

I picked out three apps: Pano (for making panoramas), AutoStitch (for creating wide-angle and panoramic shots) and camera+ (for playing around with all kinds of fun effects).

The last picture in my mosaic is my best attempt at an AutoStitch. It is the Atlas Building in downtown Columbus. If you look closely at the bottom just left of center, you can see I didn't get quite enough picture for the program to fill in the stitch. Oh well, I can't wait to try it again on a big scene I want to try to capture whole.

Most of the panoramas don't look like much in the little squares of the mosaic. Head on over to Flickr if you want to see how they turned out. My favorite is the Deaf School Ravine.

The app I'm having the most fun with is camera+. You take your photos through the camera+ app, and then you can play with color, focus, borders, effects...PLAY. It's so much fun!! You can even bring photos from your other camera rolls into the app and play with them. SO MUCH FUN!

Thanks, Franki! 

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  1. I am getting my new iPhone this summer and making a list of wonderful apps. Thank for the suggestions.


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