Monday, May 02, 2011

A Great Pink Book: THE QUEEN OF FRANCE by Tim Wadham

The Queen of France (Junior Library Guild Selection (Candlewick Press))Pink books are quite popular in the library.  Sad, but true. Often, kids will check out picture books merely because they are pink and/or sparkly.   So, I pay attention to pink books these days. Because if kids are going to check out pink books, I want them to be the best pink books out there. I want them to be more than an engaging cover.  

I believe FANCY NANCY started this trend and no wonder.  FANCY NANCY is a great book and fans of the book are always looking for something like it that they can fall in love with.  I want kids to take them home and discover a great story just as they are hoping to.

So, I was thrilled to read THE QUEEN OF FRANCE by Tim Wadham.  It is pink and fancy--a crown and a little girl dressed up as royalty on the front. And the endpapers are pink:-)

This is the story of Rose who woke up one day feeling "royal". Rose has quite a few boxes of dress up clothes and accessories in her room and she uses them well.  She becomes the Queen of France.  She then goes off (as the Queen of France) looking for Rose. She asks Rose's mother and she asks Rose's father (the Royal Physician). But, she still can't find Rose.

The Queen of France then takes off all of the dress up clothes and becomes Rose again.  And, Rose goes off, looking for....The Queen of France.  Of course, she can't find her.  This is an adorable story about a clever little girl and a playful mother and father who have as much fun as Rose seems to.

The illustrations are perfect. They have a bit of a royal feel and a bit of a little girl feel--all mixed up. And there is plenty of pink on every page.

This is a great pink book--an enticing cover with great story and a great character inside.


  1. My niece was a pink book little girl. PINK PINK PINK. As she is finishing kindergarten there is still a splash of pink, and birthday party at Disney Princess show, but she is not totally focused on the pink book. What's next for her. Well, of course the pony books. :) Of course with all the media about the future queen of England I need to get her this book.

  2. Anonymous12:21 AM

    I think this might have to be the first book I review now that I'm back to blogging (since having my daughter). I've read it to her several times since she was born. She always gets quiet when I read it and stares at the illustrations. Very cute.

    Looking forward to sharing this with my readers too. (Great write-up here, as always!)



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