Monday, May 09, 2011

A Great New Alphabet Book-ABC KIDS

Basher: ABC KidsI have been weeding books in the library this week and have found lots of great ABC books that I had forgotten about.  Such an added bonus of weeding--looking at every book and remembering the books in the collection that you've forgotten about.  Although we have lots of great alphabet books, some are outdated and I find that there can never be too many great alphabet books.  Not only are they great for beginning readers who are learning the alphabet, but they are great to use as mentor texts, to go along with word study, etc.

I found ABC KIDS by Simon Basher today and I love it. I was drawn to the cover immediately. The colorful happy illustrations will definitely be a hit!  I so wish I had had this book for our POETRY PICNIC for the word play area.  I can see lots of great conversations around letters, words, great verbs and nouns, etc. happening after reading this book.

Each two-page spread in the book focuses on one letter of the alphabet.  One page has a large upper case and lower case letter, some illustrations, and a sentence that uses lots of words starting with the featured letter.  The opposite page has a word and illustration related to the sentence.  The sentence on each page begins with a child's name which makes it a fun book to use early in the year with a name chart. One of my favorite pages is H. The sentence is "Henry's horrible hairy hat has huge holes." Kids will crack up at many of the sentences and accompanying illustrations.

The illustrations are perfect for young children. The pages are done in bright and pastel colors with varying backgrounds.  Lots of happy and unique illustrations are part of each page.

This is really a perfect alphabet book because there are so many ways in.

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