Monday, September 12, 2011

2 Events Hosted by The Literacy Connection

You may have already received information about this year's Literacy Connection events.  If not, we will be hosting 2 events this year and I am thrilled about both of them!

The Literacy Connection is partnering with the Columbus Area Writing Project this fall to host a Saturday conference on October 22. It will be held at the Quest Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio.  The day includes three keynote speakers:  Sonia Nieto, Asma Mobin-Uddin and Troy Hicks. Concurrent sessions will fill the day and participants will be able to learn about many topics of interest.  (Karen Szymusiak and I will be doing a session on "Mentor Texts in the Digital Writing Workshop" -something we've both been thinking about for a while.)  Lots of other great sessions are on the agenda.  We hope you'll think about joining us. I sent in my registration a few weeks ago and am already excited about the day.

As for our annual study group and spring event, The Literacy Connection will be hosting Cris Tovani. For those of you interested in the yearlong event, we will be reading and discussing Cris's new book SO WHAT DO THEY REALLY KNOW?  The book is written from Cris's experiences as a high school teacher but the implications span grades K-12.  We think teachers at all levels will be able to explore universal issues around assessment through the study of this book. (My review of the book is on the blog.)  The first meeting for the yearlong study will be on October 19.  As a culmination to the study, Cris will be doing demonstration teaching at Wickliffe Elementary School on Friday, April 27 followed by a full-day workshop on Saturday, April 28 at Wickliffe. Participants can attend individual sessions or the entire year of events around her book.  (Credit is available for those attending all parts of this event.)  More information, along with registration information can be found at The Literacy Connection website.

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