Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 New Nonfiction Picture Book Read Alouds

One of my goals this year is to read more nonfiction aloud to students. I love nonfiction but rarely make time to read it aloud to students.  So, I am on the lookout for nonfiction books that would make great read alouds.  I am excited about both of them.

Kate Messner's upcoming book OVER AND UNDER THE SNOW is fascinating.  This is the story of a father and daughter who are skiing across the snow. But as the ski over the snow, they are aware of all the things going on under the snow.  Honestly, I had no idea about this "subnivean zone" until I read about it in this book. But Kate does a great job of making the idea accessible to children by showing us what happens over the snow at the same time so much is happening under the snow. The author's notes at the end provide a great deal more information on the subnivean zone as well as the many animals in the story.  The art is gorgeous and almost makes me wish for winter!   I can't wait to share this one with students--closer to winter time, I think!

The other book that will make a great nonfiction read aloud is ANIMAL BATHS by Bob Barner. This one is written with younger readers in mind and it is quite fun! Each 2 page spread is gives us rhyming text with information about how various animals stay clean.  The bright illustrations and happy animals make this a happy read and children will learn lots about all the different ways animals keep themselves clean. There is lots of information packed into this quick read!

*Both of these books were review copies sent by Chronicle Books.


  1. Not that I'm ready for snow or winter, but from the way it looks, "Over and Under the Snow" gives me one good reason to look forward to the season.

  2. Both books sound great. Now that I'm a grandmother, I'm especially interested in books that would be fun to read aloud to a young child. "Animal Baths" looks like a book I'll be buying.


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