Friday, September 16, 2011

What We Need

What We Need 

The Emperor,
his bullies
and henchmen
terrorize the world
every day,

which is why
every day

we need

a little poem
of kindness,

a small song
of peace

a brief moment
of joy.

...and a box of donuts wouldn't hurt, either.

Amy has the round up this week at The Poem Farm.


  1. This poem sparkles for me. And you know, I could go for one of those apple fritters right now too! Happy Poetry Friday, Mary Lee...thank you for this addition to my notebook. a.

  2. PEACE & DONUTS sounds like a great title for a collection. :) Thanks for sharing. And I gotta say: they just put in a Krispy Kreme about 2 miles from my house. Love the smell of that place when I drive by!

  3. Yes yes yes to "a little poem of kindness." And I'm also craving that apple fritter....

  4. Yummy! Thoughts of food! Cinnamon roll with a sprinkling of compassion... and a mug of warm kisses. Now I know for certain 'poets' know exactly 'what we need.'

  5. What a perfect pick-me-up for today. Simple truths and fritters . . . Yum!

  6. kindness and donuts.


  7. This reminds me of when my sister and I made a list of "the perfect man" (kind, loves children, loves me, etc.) and ended the list with "and it wouldn't hurt if he loved to weed." Love the poem, and the donuts, Mary Lee!

  8. David Budbill is awesome! Thanks, Mary Lee. The world needs kindness, indeed. Why not through poems?

  9. "a little poem of kindness, a small song of peace, a brief moment of joy," and the good sense to notice them as they go by. Thanks to you and David for the ever-useful reminder to pay attention; they fleet, these poems, songs and moments.

    I've instituted a new blog feature, the OIK Tickle (Overheard in Kindergarten). Come visit me on Tuesday night and play!

  10. Yes to brief moments of kindness and joy, and brief delicious bites, too. Less is so often more.


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