Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NCTE Sessions on Digital Reading/Digital Writing

Below are two sessions I was a part of for NCTE 2011.  One was as part of a panel on Digital Reading. I had a great time working with Sara Kajder, Teri Lesesne and Donalyn Miller on this one. I learned so much from each of them and loved thinking together.  My specific piece was about digital tools and how we can use them to create opportunities for deeper reading. When I uploaded the slides onto Slideshare, some of the text was cut off but I think you'll get the general idea.

How Digital Tools Can Help Us Create Opportunities for Deep Reading

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The other session was one I did with Becky McCraw and Bill  Bass. When I served on the NCTE Executive Committee a few years ago, Bill and Becky and I were part of a group that helped to create the Framework for 21st Century Curriculum and Assessment. I feel lucky to have ongoing conversations with these two and others in the group about our work in schools around these ideas. One thing we've been talking about is the idea of mentor texts in a digital writing workshop so we shared our current thinking together at NCTE's convention.

Mentor Texts in the Digital Writing Workshop


  1. What a lot of great stuff hereIt's all a bit intimidating, but I think bit by bit I will get there.

  2. Oh my gosh what a wealth of information and I am so excited to book mark it and begin to process all of the ideas. Thanks for posting this for those of us that were not able to make it to NCTE.

  3. Thanks for sharing these! Can't wait to delve in. NCTE has now become my new MUST GO conference!

    -Ben (@engaginged...and also of The Small Nouns)


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