Friday, November 25, 2011

Poetry Friday -- Today (Call for Poetry Friday Roundup Hosts)

One Day
by Robert Creeley

One day after another—
They all fit.

When I first read and chose this poem, I loved it while thinking small -- "One day after another" this weekend, or this school year. But when I went to look for a picture, my eyes gravitated toward the ones I took last week (only last week/already a week ago?) at the Field Museum in Chicago. Then "One day after another" expanded, and I remembered the feeling of minuscularity I got when I walked through the scientific creation story of our planet. The improbable perfection of our planet is quite overwhelming when you slow down and study how everything fits.

I also chose today's poem to honor the march of time since last we queued up for hosting the Poetry Friday Roundups. Is it really possible that six more months of weekly bloggerly camaraderie around poetry have gone by, "one (Fri)day after another"?

Indeed so. If you'd like to host one of the roundups in 2012, leave the date you choose in the comments. This will be our record of "first ask, first get." I'll update the calendar throughout the day (and probably the next couple of weeks), so check before you ask.

Heidi has the roundup today at my juicy little universe

6 JoAnn at Teaching Authors
13 Tara at A Teaching Life
20 Elaine at Wild Rose Reader
27 Jim at Hey, Jim Hill!

3 Karissa at The Iris Chronicles
17 Myra at Gathering Books
24 Jone at Check it Out

2 Dori at Dori Reads
9 Myra at Gathering Books
16 Gregory K. at GottaBook
23 Mary Lee at A Year of Reading

6 Robyn at Read, Write Howl
13 Anastasia at Booktalking
20 Diane at Random Noodling

4 Elaine at Wild Rose Reader
25 Linda at TeacherDance

1 Carol at Carol's Corner
15 Mary Lee at A Year of Reading
22 Amy at The Poem Farm
29 Marjorie at Paper Tigers


  1. Well, if I could fit so much into eight little words, my world would be complete. I like the way your thoughts about the poem expanded as you looked again. Poems are to read and to read and look again, aren't they?

  2. I'll grab March 30 right now and come back to comment on your wonderful recapitulation...thanks for organizing us!

  3. Well, that's the challenge, isn't "slow down and study how everything fits." Thank you for sharing this, Mary Lee.

    I'll take January 13th!

  4. I will take March 16th. I will then probably discover that I have conflicts :-) But for now... March 16th!

  5. Your poem and your comments about the Field Museum, and the way everything is so perfect always make me think of the brilliance of the Creator God. Is that ok to say here?

    I'm willing to host any Friday in June…

  6. Carol,
    There are all kinds of ways to name Perfect. All are welcome here!

  7. Hi, Mary Lee! Loving small wonders of poems, I applaud your selection today and the great photo with its intriguing light. I'd be happy to host April 6 if that's still available - thanks!

  8. I'd be happy to host on April 20.

    By the way, I love the way the dinosaur sneaks through the photo!

  9. Diane, I was hoping folks would notice the dinosaur poking its head through the trees and buildings! Thanks for pointing it out!

  10. I'll take Feb 3 if it is not claimed.

  11. P.S. I'm at

  12. if only we can all distill words in this manner - so complete in its entirety - beautiful

    We at GatheringBooks would love to host on the 9th of March - my birthday! :)

  13. That poem is a keeper. Great for New Year's, too.

    I can take an April slot, Mary Lee.

  14. HI. I'm new here (thanks Greg for the information!), but I'd be happy to take Jan 27th.

  15. Mary Lee,

    It was so great to see you at NCTE in Chicago. I wish we could have spent more time together.

    I could do the Poetry Friday Roundup on the following dates:
    - January 13, 20
    - May 4, 11

  16. I'm new to this but I would love to do May 18th.

  17. Thank you for the march-of-time poem and the scheduling! I'd be happy to start the new year by hosting on January 6!
    JoAnn at

  18. Hi Mary Lee - I am happy to take May 11. Thanks so much!

  19. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Hi Mary Lee,

    I can take April 13th at Picture Book of the Day.


  20. Hi! We'd like to volunteer again to host on the 17th of February. :) - GatheringBooks

    Thank you so much for organizing this. :)

  21. Jone (Check it Out) emailed in asking for Feb. 24.

  22. Mary Lee, I can take March 2.

  23. Sorry, commented on wrong post! I can take Feb 10. Thanks for maintaining and organizing the calendar here!

  24. June 8th? Sorry to be late to sign up. Just back from Hawaii. :)

  25. Amy LV requested June 22 via email.

  26. Marjorie at Paper Tigers and Linda at TeacherDance requested the last two open slots -- end of May and end of June on the 12/2 PF post.

    So the schedule is full!

    Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to another 6 months of poetry around the blogosphere!

  27. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I am scheduled to host April 13th. Due to tech issues I am moving all of my blogs to Booktalking at and will host there on 4/13. Thanks!

  28. Anastasia,
    I'm glad you let me know before I put out the HTML code for the sidebar widget! I also updated our blogroll while I was at it. Sounds like you're going through a royal pain in the patootie with Feedburner and Google. So sorry to hear of your hassles! It is kind of nice to have all your blogs in one place, tho, from the reader's standpoint...


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