Wednesday, November 09, 2011

RED SLED by Lita Judge

I love to add new wordless picture books to my collection. The more I have collected, the more possibilities I see for teaching and learning. I used to think of wordless books for only younger students. But I have recently come to realize how much there is for older readers as well. As our world becomes more visual, what better way to think about the stories that pictures tell than with wordless picture books.

I was thrilled to discover a new mostly wordless picture book, RED SLED by Lita Judge. I didn't recognize the work as Judge's right away as it has a different look from many of her other books.   I loved this one immediately because of the cover.  (Well, it helped that the character on the cover of the book is wearing a RED HAT--seems to be the fashion in 2011 picture books this season:-)  The cover drew me right in--a white background, a sweet child in a red hat and a bear with a sled in the background.  But I think it is the look on the child's face that convince me I would love this book.  Watching, grinning, pausing.  So much going on in that little face.

The story begins when the child puts away the sled for the evening, leaning it against the side of the house. A fun-looking bear sees it and has an idea.  He takes it for a ride and picks up a few friends on the way.  They have a great time sledding down hills and over some bumps.  Then they put the sled back where they found it.  The next day, the child goes out to play on the sled and notices the footprints in the snow...

This story is great fun and will be perfect to share when we get our first snow.  I can see this book as one kids will go back to again and again. So much to see in the illustrations and such a great story of wonder.

The book has already received several starred reviews. (Kirkus, School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly)


  1. This looks wonderful! I'll definitely have to check it out:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I can't wait to add this book to my collection. I love the cover. Unfortunately, it will be too late four our first snow......we are already up to number two for the year!


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