Saturday, July 14, 2012

IKEA Shopping Report

My friend Katie and I have made a tradition of driving to our nearest IKEA store.  We go in mid to late summer, once we've had time to think about the things we might need for our classrooms. The nearest IKEA store is 2 hours away, in Cincinnati. So, while we are there, we visit Joseph Beth Bookstore and have lunch. It is a fun day.   I find that a few new things each year allow me to rethink space and room design. Shopping at IKEA is a fun day but as Katie and I shop and talk through various items, we are really talking through the space we are trying to create for learners.  It is always a great day:-)

This year, I bought several things that I am excited about. These things will help me create purposeful spaces for kids.

I have used these tables in classrooms and libraries before. I like them because they are so flexible. Kids can push them together to create a larger table. They can move one to a spot if they need a quiet space to work. They stack so storage is easy. 
I am not sure about these but for $3.99, I thought I'd give them a try. Laptops on the floor make me very nervous. So I don't usually allow kids to use them on the floor. I envision one being stepped on. These plastic laptop supports seem like a good support for kids who work on laps or floors. I am not sold on them but thought they were worth a try.
This is a fun little thing I am excited about.  It is a paper roll holder with lots of big paper. I work a lot with my kids about tools for thinking and this seems to invite creation and problem solving. I am hoping it is used when a group of kids is working something out and needs a big piece of paper to make sense of their thinking in a collaborative way. I think it has huge possibilities and by having it visible in the classroom, it gives another option.  Choosing the right tool for the purpose is so important and the more tools we have, the better problem solvers I think we become.
I am lucky enough to have tables for seating this year. I prefer tables when possible. But I also want a few spaces where kids can go off and work on their own or with one partner. I like pieces that can be pushed against the wall to create a less distracting spot for thinking and learning. So this desk will serve that purpose. Lots of options for where it can go and that is important. I like pieces with lots of flexibility.
These stools were popular in the library last year and I've had them in my classrooms before. I love how light and sturdy they are. I love that they stack for easy storage. I love the flexibility they provide--kids can take the stools when one more chair is needed at a table, they can create their own circle space with a few tools, etc.   They add so many possibilities for collaboration because they are so portable.

I also purchased a few storage containers. I don't have things to keep building toys, games, math manipulatives and other materials in. The storage in my new classroom is at the top of the room--above where children can reach. Since I want things to be accessible to the students at all times, I found some plastic tubs that will make that possible.

Looking forward to bringing these new things to the classroom!

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  1. Thank you for posting about your shopping trip. As always the pictures and your thinking helps me in my classroom. I love the little table idea and if they stack they are out of the way but always available to the students.


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