Sunday, July 29, 2012

"There's an article in that!"

My laptop's brain is on the brink of being so full it explodes.

I won't be able to download the pictures that are on my camera and make my monthly mosaic until I get a new hard drive with about a hundred spare acres so my creativity can once again roam freely.

Until then, I'm catching up on my reading, doodling with my colored pencils in my sketchbook, and taking mini field trips to the front and back gardens to visit the two plants I bought at the Clintonville Farmers' Market yesterday -- a female Jack-in-the-Pulpit that is "with seeds," and a Butterfly Milkweed that is purported to be "crack cocaine for butterflies."


  1. Butterfly that what's in there? I seriously have a full body reaction when I see milkweed..."OH MY GRAVY, it's milkweed, look everybody." And everyone sort of goes, "yeah, wow, okay." While I inspect if for signs of life. I sorta love milkweed.

  2. I think I speak for the entire blogosphere in demanding pictures of the "crack cocaine for butterflies." Simply because that phrase is pure awesome and I need to know what it actually describes.

    1. New hard drive will be on my computer tomorrow. THEN I can download all the pictures (including the butterfly crack cocaine) that are on my camera. Maybe there's a poem in all of this, instead of an article. Check back on Friday. Maybe the milkweed will be the star of the show...

  3. Butterfly Milkweed that is purported to be "crack cocaine for butterflies."

    Hahahaha. Thank you for this Monday morning laugh!


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