Wednesday, July 04, 2012

June Mosaic

So many stories this month. Family quilt stories, carousel memories, All Write inspirations, heat and drought, storm damage, two animal rescues (Coopers Hawk chick and a little dog named Troy).

I have five years of photos in my iPhoto (6,988 shots), and three more years archived from my old computer. There are four years worth of mosaics on Flickr. I realized at All Write, that what started as a modified version of Project 365 on Flickr has become a really powerful digital writer's notebook. Sometimes I sketch before I write, sometimes I web out my ideas, sometimes I pick from a list of brainstormed topics...and sometimes my prewriting is just look at a photo and either tell the story that's there, or imagine a new one.

You can see larger versions the pictures (and bits of stories in the captions) on Flickr.


  1. Always beautiful to see, Mary Lee. Thank you. Happy Independence Day!

  2. Love the mosaic and the idea of using asll these photos as a gateway to writing. So much inspiration! I've never tried a mosaic - will have to try.

  3. I wait every month for the last day to see your mosaic it is a ritual for me. Thanks for allowing me to share All Write with you. I am also considering the idea of digital picture library and the power it could bring to writing.

  4. This is wonderful and inspiring, Mary Lee! I love following your process, seeing your photos, and reading your poems. You are generous and smart on so many fronts....

  5. I love what you have done with the Flickr mosaics. That quilt series if fabulous!


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