Sunday, August 12, 2012

10 for two more!!

I know, I know.
#pb10for10 was on August 10th.
But what if I want to add two more books to my list?
Books that the UPS guy just delivered?

Can we please have a PLUS TWO day on August 12th, where everybody gets to add just two more books to their list?

Seed by Seed: The Legend and Legacy of John "Appleseed" Chapman
by Esmé Raji Codell
illustrated by Lynne Rae Perkins
Greenwillow Books, on shelves August 21
review copy provided by the publisher

Just in time for Johnny Appleseed's Birthday (September 26) comes this picture book that takes us back to the
"...quiet, tree-bough-tangled world,
the world before the cement was poured
and the lights turned on..."
Codell doesn't give us the same-old same-old cutesy Johnny Appleseed story. She identifies and elaborates on not just the apples, but 5 examples he planted for us:

Use what you have.
Share what you have.
Respect nature.
Try to make peace where there is war.
You can reach your destination by taking small steps.

This book is all kinds of perfection, from Codell's beautiful writing, to Perkins' gorgeous illustrations. I think we'll be adopting Chapman's five examples in Room 228.

by Michael Hall (author of My Heart is Like a Zoo, which I reviewed in 2011)
Greenwillow Books, on shelves August 28
review copy provided by the publisher

This book will wind up living on my Word Study shelf, but I won't tell my students that when I share it with them.

I will introduce this book by asking the students, "What do you notice?"

"From word to word
they find their way,
Lillian, Tilly, and William J.

They pack some books
and kitty chews.

They choose a spot.
They spot some ewes."

What do you notice?

...Later in the book:

"They flee a steer.

They steer a plane.

They plane a board.

They board a train."

What do you notice? What do you predict will happen next?

The three cats' crazy romp through a tale filled with homophones and homonyms gets completely tangled up...but then, with the help of a purple whale, they make it back home again. Fun, fun, FUN!! (And did I mention, visually stunning, with art that "consists of acrylic painted textures and paper cutouts that were combined digitally.")

PW Starred Review


  1. I have got to read Cat Tale! How cool is that?!

  2. I'm glad you gave us two more-good to see these new books & I agree that they should be shared! Thanks.

  3. No! No more books! I could not afford the first round, let alone 10+2. These definitely look like must haves! I love word play books!

  4. I love the 10+2 idea! Then I wouldn't be known as the 10 for 10 "rule breaker". ;) Added these two to my list. I love both of these authors so much!

  5. Oh, I'm so glad you added Seed by Seed, because I haven't even heard of it until JUST now. Esme is a hero of mine! Thank you!

  6. These look great--Thanks for sharing. I love your list of 10 in relation to what you are teaching your students!

    It has been a LONG time since I've commented, Mary Lee. I haven't kept up with my joy blog...I took a detour of sorts...You can find me at new "space" is inspired by Margaret Wise Brown's The Important Book. I've been reflecting, in my own life and daily experiences, what's important. Also, in an effort to make sure I'm practicing what I "preach"--keep me focused on paying attention to what matters.

    Keep up the good work here, Mary Lee and Franki! Thank you to both of you for sharing what is important to you!

  7. Mary Lee--I LOVE these two new books! I'm a 10 for 10 rule breaker too! Just posted my list TODAY! Happy New School Year, friend!


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