Friday, August 03, 2012

Poetry Friday -- This Has Gone Too Far


Goldilocks, I know it was you.
I recognize your handwriting.

What do you have against me?
I'm not the one who tipped off the bears.

And, no, I didn't eat your friends'
breadcrumb trail.

Check with Cinderella's mice
about that one.

You can't be working with the wolf.
I heard that Red's grandma paid him to leave town.

This has gone too far. Quit slandering me
or I'll have to call in the seven dwarves.


© Mary Lee Hahn, 2012

Rena has the Poetry Friday roundup AND a Poetic Caption Contest this week at On the Way to Somewhere.


  1. LOL! Mary Lee, I don't know what you had with your Wheaties this morning, but I'm glad to read the results. Talk about VOICE! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The posters are hysterical. I love the headline "Talking Robot Deer that eats!!" What is the story behind them? So much fun to see Bambi from a different perspective in your poem.

    1. Laura, the complete headline reads, "Talking Robot Deer That Eats People!" Even better, eh?

      Here's the story: I was walking in the neighborhood one morning last month, and these posters were hanging on posts in the park nearby! I'm so glad I had my camera with me!! I wish I knew more about the kids (I assume...) who made them, and why. Whatever the true story is, I do love the spirit, don't you? :-)

  3. Suddenly I'm thinking it's safer on THIS side of the pond!

    Loved your poem, Mary Lee. What a great model it would make for kids' own innovations and posters!

  4. Oh wow! What creative public art. :) And your poem is twistedly funny. Thanks for sharing, Mary Lee!

  5. I'm so glad you told the story; I thought you had made them, Mary Lee! It makes me happy to see that some children are still playing like this. I, like you, would love to hear more. Your poem is delightful, & I hope I can have permission to share with my teachers? It would make such a wonderful poetry lesson for all ages. Thank you for seizing this delicious moment!

    1. Of course, please share! And if any more posters and poems come of it, share those, too!!!

  6. You are oh, so clever, my friend! And I love the story of the posters, thought maybe some of your students had made them! I wonder, too, what is the story behind the story!


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