Saturday, August 04, 2012

July Mosaic

Remember a couple of days ago, when my computer's brain was about to explode? After the memory upgrade, there is now PLENTY of space for downloading the rest of July's pictures from my camera!

Time for the July Mosaic!

If you want to see each picture more clearly, check out the set on Flickr.


  1. I always loving seeing your mosaics- it feels kind of like a visual diary of your month. I always have many questions, however. This month I'm wondering who is that very cute puppy? Is she yours? Thinking that would have come up on the blog…

    1. Somehow, I KNEW you, of all people, would zero in on the puppy!! That is Lilly, and no, she is not ours to walk and pick up after and train, but she is ours to visit and cuddle and swoon in her adorability!!

  2. Glad you got the space, Mary Lee. And love that you do this. I wonder if you can collect a year into an e-book? Thank you for the sharing.

  3. My favorites are the outdoor pictures-beautiful!



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