Sunday, September 02, 2012

August Mosaic

Three big photo ops in August. Last Friday of the Summer, spent hiking in John Bryant State Park (lunch after at The Winds in Yellow Springs--YUMMM). I used the pair of fresh eyes to help me find some numbers and letters for the Alpha-Numeric project that I haven't forgotten about, but which has been back-burnered for a couple of months. Top center is a nice Leaf Lady. Top right is a fabulous A. Second row center is an amazing millipede, then O, and Jewel Weed. Third row features 5, J, and a 3, courtesy of Trillium. X marks the spot in fourth row, first position. Fourth row center is me and Jack Gantos. The next one is a page from his writer's notebook. I'll use that one in a writing workshop minilesson soon! Fourth row fifth picture is Hahn with Giant Hahns at the McConnell Arts Center. All the rest (except the lamp at the end) are from Chagrin Falls, Ohio -- another end of summer outing. Fifth row center, probably my favorite of the month -- Just Grace vs. Jeni's Ice Cream...and Just Grace WINS!! The lamp (last photo) I made for my Sweetie Pie, with a photo from last month and a new app I haven't had time to play much with -- WordFoto.

For a better view, you can visit this set of photos on Flickr.

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  1. Always lovely, Mary Lee. I still keep thinking I should try this, just for myself perhaps, but keep forgetting. I imagine that the habit of looking for a beautiful detail to photograph also enhances your writing. Nice to see.


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