Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I love Rebecca Kai Dotlich so I pick up every book she writes. I fell in love with Bella and Bean the minute I read it and it is still one of my very favorites.  And I got to spend the day with Rebecca when we both worked with teachers at the Princeton Day School.

Rebecca's new book What Can a Crane Pick Up? is great fun! The book is illustrated by Mike Lowery (who also illustrated one of my other favorites--The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School ).

Kids love trucks and cranes and in this book, Dotlich explores the many things that a crane can pick up.  With Dotlich's wonderful rhythm and rhyme, we learn about things that cranes lift. We see cranes lifting things like trees and bricks. But it is also able to pick up some surprising things!  Rebecca shares them all with us!  And Lowery's illustrations make the book a happy learning experience--even the trucks are smiling!  Dotlich and Lowery make a great team! I am hoping they work together on more books since this one is such fun!

The author blurb in the back of the book mentions that "Rebecca spent some time in a crane while it picked up thousands of Christmas lights to string atop tall buildings!"  What a fun fact for kids to know about this writer and the writing of this book!

Kids are going to love this one. We are getting ready for our first visit with our younger buddies this week and I can imagine lots of kids will want to share this one with their buddies!  After they enjoy it a few times themselves, that is! Then I think it will go on our poetry shelf. Since we have Poetry Friday each week, I know kids will love to revisit this one over and over.


  1. Rebecca Dotlich is a treasure...singing with the heart of a child! It sounds like this will be a new favorite in many snuggly beds and classroom book corners!

  2. Thank you Franki and Mary Lee for your long admired and amazing blog and for featuring my work and my latest picture book. I am honored.

    And Amy, what sweet, sweet words.
    Such happiness all the way around!


  3. Franki,
    I think I'm going to have to disable my Amazon wish list button. You and Mary Lee keep sharing so many great titles. I can't keep up! Thank you. Thank you. I know this book will be a big hit in the classroom.



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