Monday, February 04, 2013

2 Upcoming Wordless Books from Chronicle

I was excited to get a package from Chronicle this week that contained two upcoming wordless picture books. I feel like I can never have enough of these if they are good ones. So many opportunities to teach and explore for all ages.  I love when I find new ones to add to my collection.

Inside Outside by Lizi Boyd is a gorgeous new wordless picture book that captures ordinary days and the way one boy spends them both inside and outside.  There are fun die-cuts in most of the pages that connect the story and that add fun to the book. Lots to notice on each page. And the color choice is unique which I love.  Kids will want to revisit this book often and really, it just makes me happy to read it. I love the story as well as the art and the details make it even more fun.

The other book is Flight 1, 2, 3 is one that didn't draw me in from the start but one that I fell in love with once I opened it up! Now, this book will definitely draw young readers in with the cover--trains, trucks, planes, and cars do that and this cover has lots to look at (airplane, airport, etc.). At first I thought this book would be like the Donald Crews classics about forms of transportation but I was thrilled to see that it was so much more. The book takes the reader on a journey they will take if they go on a flight--from the cab ride to the airport to getting to the destination, this book captures the experiences of travelers today. I love the inclusion of throwing away liquids before security as well as the stop at the restroom before getting on the flight. But I also love the fact that the author has taken the wordless to a new level with information. Throughout the book are signs you will see in the airport as well as a diagram of the seating on a plane. A bird's eye view of how the planes are organized at gates is also shown.  This book is really packed and fun to look at. I can imagine young children will look at it over and over again.  So many possibilities for conversations and learning!

Both of these books are due out in March!


  1. These look great. I had a high school academic coach last week ask me about wordless books for her special ed students. Do you happen to know if there is a list of wordless books somewhere that would appeal to older readers? I haven't managed to find one so far.

    1. Dori, you might try the books of Shaun Tan and I have one novel length wordless picture book in my collection that (surprisingly) is still in print -- The Silver Pony by Lynd Ward.

  2. Thanks for the introduction to these two books! I am always on the look out for wordless books to use with my students. I'm a speech therapist and wordless books are perfect for gathering language samples and giving students practice creating their own sentence.

  3. In my amazon basket...great finds, thanks!

  4. These sound fantastic! The idea of wordless with information reminds me of the professional book, I See What You Mean by Steve Moline--so much can be said with diagrams and signs.


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