Monday, February 11, 2013

Book Purchases

I made a trip to Cover to Cover this week and picked up a stack of books.  It is so different shopping as a classroom teacher than it was to shop as a librarian.  I understand the way kids are changing as readers. I know which books are being passed around.  And I can predict ways I can stretch a child from one type of book to another. Today's trip was one with few expectations. I didn't really need anything so I wasn't sure what I was looking for. But a few titles caught my eye because I knew they might move readers.  I left with a bag of a few new titles that I am excited about and a few not-so-new titles that I think might be perfect for a few students ready to grow in new directions as readers.

I am very excited about Follow Follow: A Book of Reverso Poems --I loved Singer and am excited about this new book of Reverso poems.

I read about Athlete vs. Mathlete on the blog Mary Lee's kids are keeping about 2013 books. Columbus Dispatch Kid Readers is a great resource for 2013 books and I think it will be an expensive blog for me to read.

I also picked up some new Goosebumps titles.  A few students have had their first Goosebumps experience with the graphic novel so I thought I'd share some of these with them.   I picked up some brand new ones as the one I have are old and tattered. Excited to see if these hook anyone.

One of my students, a Hunger Games fan, just decided to try the Gregor series because he loves Suzanne Collins. He read Gregor The Overlander (Underland Chronicles, Book 1) which is the only one I have in the room. So I thought I'd pick up #2 and #3 in case more kids start reading this.  Not many kids read it before Hunger Games but it seems to be more popular now.

I have a group of kids who has been reading We are the Ship by Kadir Nelson.  In January, they discovered Walter Dean Myers book The Journal of Biddy Owens, the Negro Leagues, Birmingham, Alabama, 1948 and loved it.  I realized that there are more historical fiction books in this journal form by Myers so thought I'd pick a few up. I think the kids who liked the other book may like them. I also think they might appeal to my I Survived fans.

And I am MOST excited about Lisa Graff's new book A Tangle of Knots. I love Lisa Graff and have yet to be disappointed by any of her books. This one looks fabulous and I hope to read it soon!


  1. Always good to hear what books kids are drawn to. Just got a packet of letters from a 3rd grade class, writing to me about my book and demanding the sequel...I have to get busy!!

  2. Thanks for some new ideas. I haven't spent my entire budget yet, but I can see that is about to change.

  3. I totally recommend Suzanne Collin's earlier series, Gregor the Overlander. Last year I taught 6th grade and my students of course devoured the Hunger Games series. But, I did the first Gregor the Overlander as a read aloud and they loved it. It sparked several students to pursue the rest of the series on their own. This year I teach second, quite a change, but I have some very advanced readers. I felt comfortable recommending Gregor the Overlander to them and they are thoroughly enjoying it!

  4. You know what you can get for free, Jeanette? Audiobooks for kids. I download them for free at We play them in the background while the kids are doing art projects. It really keeps them engaged.


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