Sunday, March 03, 2013

February Mosaic

This month's photos are documentary: Poetry Friday poem observations; book purchases; the quote wall by my classroom door (future blog post); Louise Borden, Ralph Fletcher and Vicki Vinton at the Dublin Literacy Conference (future blog post); English Shepherd mom with her English/German Shepherd pups that we temperament tested.


  1. OK, I gotta ask-- is there a puppy in your future?

    1. Nope. Our big-boned-not-fat 18 lb. cat-dog is king of the house right now. We are contented Cat People!

      (We do the temperament testing on English Shepherds as a service to the breeders in the area who are looking to determine which animals might be best for farms/herding or families/kids.)

  2. Hi Mary Lee, hope your month is already going well. I saw your poem on Our Daily Poem-Computer Weary... Great start to the month!


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